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Civil Court Index

Mountain Township
     J. B. White vs. W. W. Thorinton
     W. M. Lawless and W. B. Walston vs. E. R. Smallwood
     Geo W. Smalling vs. Paul White and J. T. Lawless
     A. M. Davis(?) vs. J. L. Jones

Self Creek Township
     Slayden-Kirksey Wolen Mills vs. J. L. Jones
     J. N. Ward vs. A. B. White
     W. B. Walston vs. C. F. Still and W. E. Simmons
     W. B. Walston vs. W. E. Simmons
     W. L. Campbell vs. J. L. Jones
     D. P. Campbell vs. J. C. Tedder
     W. J. Campbell vs. J. W. Pasley
     J. L. James vs. W. Coleman
     W. Simmons vs. A. J. White
     Dr. J. N. Pate vs. P. C. Caplin
     R. Neal vs. Pierce Pasley
     S. A. Smith and L. L. Whatley vs. J. C. Tedder
     J. A. Barentine vs. Joel Roberson
     J. A. Barentine vs. John Mack
     J. N. Pate vs. M. L. Weeks
     T. W. Henry, Joe Smith, and A. J. Martin vs. J. F. Hasty and Sons
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